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Thankyou for choosing SHE RUNS WILD (ABN 84424367874) for your wedding day. By accepting the terms and conditions you enter a contract with She Runs Wild to work with them as your "exclusive" Florist.


"Exclusive" meaning we do florals for the entire wedding. That includes bouquets, buttonholes, ceremony flowers and reception flowers. We do not work in conjunction with another florist.



We offer one (1) complimentary 30 - 45 minute face to face appointment. We are available on email or phone if you wish to discuss your order or make any changes to it.


Quotes are valid for thirty (30) days only. During the quote period the service will be 'reserved' After 30 days we are free to take on bookings from other clients.



The client must pay a non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee being the minimum of 30% of the total price quoted by She Runs Wild. The booking fee not only constitutes the reservation of your booking date, but also payment for work performed which includes planning, styling, & flower allocations. 


a) For payments other than the booking fee She Runs Wild will provide an invoice for goods and services.

b) The final balance of your invoice must be paid sixty (60) days prior to the wedding date. She Runs Wild may suspend flower orders or withhold the provisions of goods and services until payment is made.

c) Payment is available with cash, credit card or direct deposit. A small surcharge is payable with credit card. (1.9% + 30c). You can pay by cash or direct deposit to avoid any transaction fees,



a) When working with nature, there are no guarantees. We will do our absolute best to supply exactly what you order, however due to variances in the weather & seasonal availability of some flowers, we cannot guarantee availability, exact colours or shades. Should we need to substitute any flowers for you, we will select what we feel is the next best option.

b) Flower prices are subject to change in the instance our wholesalers increase prices.


All "major" changes need to be done at the time of booking when you pay your deposit. If you are having a consultation after you have paid the deposit then it must be noted on the quote that changes are permitted on the day of your consultation.

We understand that things change and brides change their minds. We are happy to work through these changes with you. We will allow you to remove items to the value of 10% of the total invoice which needs to be done 60 days prior to your wedding

EXAMPLE - If your invoice total is $2000 (excluding GST) and you would like to remove flowers from your quote to the value of $200 that is permitted. This needs to be done 60 days prior to your wedding.


Substituting, changing colours, upgrading, adding items, changing flower  types and colours can still be done 60 days prior to your wedding.

We do not offer any refund once full payment has been made


In most instances we offer vase hire for flowers at no additional cost. It is really important that all items are returned by 5pm the Monday after your wedding to our studio. We understand that some of you may go on your honeymoon but please plan ahead and arrange for a family member to return items. The items MUST BE CLEAN. If any items are not returned on time a fee will be charged. If any any items have been lost/broken, taken by guests or damaged the Bride is responsible for all costs to replace the items.. Please understand that by not returning items makes us short on items for the following week and we simply don't have time to race around sourcing more items. A $100 fully refundable bond may be applied to all final invoices. This is usually done "one week"  prior to the wedding.


We only do weddings and events so buy flowers in fresh the week leading up to your wedding. Wedding flowers are not like a daily bunch and will last for weeks. Sometimes we receive flowers that are so tiny and it is our job to open them up so they are at their absolute full peak for your wedding day. As an example a Peony could arrive the size smaller than a golf ball and we need them to open up so they are about 10-15cm. We have tricks up our sleeve to make them open up quicker. On the day of your wedding they are at their peak and fully open. In extreme heat unfortunately that is another story. If your wedding day is a scorcher and is outside or in a marque we will try and arrange with the venue that everything is placed out about 10 minutes prior to the event starting otherwise they could potentially die.



Customer Pickups are available from our Glenelg studio. Delivery Fees apply and will be on the quote. Please advise a time and we will plan to have flowers delivered well and truly before this time. Flowers are very fragile and need to be handled carefully. We package flowers securely so when they are transported there is no damage. Bouquets are packaged in a box with water at the base. Please keep flowers in a cool area once they arrive at the location. A bathroom is often a nice cool spot. Keep them away from the hairstyling location. They don't like the hairspray fumes.


a) You may cancel this agreement at any time by notifying She Runs Wild in writing and by doing so you forfeit the non-refundable booking fee.


b) Sometimes things are out of our control and the Covid-19 Pandemic is an example of things that are completely out of our control, Whilst the 30% booking fee is not refundable we can transfer the deposit to a new date. "ONE" date change is permitted in this particular circumstance and if there are further date changes then a $200 administration fee will apply. The credit to the new date must be within 12 months otherwise it will be considered as a cancellation and your booking fee will be forfeited.. You must provide us with options so we can work out an agreed new date when we are both available.


10b) is not applicable within 30 days of your wedding date.


If an agreed date is not reached between both parties the booking fee will be forfeited.

c) If you cancel your event within (60) days from the date of event:


If full payment has been made & flowers have already been ordered then we will give you all the flowers. We bunch them up so they can be distributed to family and friends. 


If flowers haven't been ordered we can process a refund of the budgeted amount of the florals. This amount is at the discretion of SHE RUNS WILD.

d) If you cancel within (120) days from the event you need to pay 60% of the invoice. This is to cover loss of income and all prior work completed. Cancelling this late means we have held the date for a long period of time and will be unable to take on any other work for that date,

e) If any government restrictions are put in place  leading up to your wedding and you are forced to postpone we will do everything possible and work with our suppliers to see what we can do but cannot guarantee a refund of your order.

h) There are no refunds or part refunds if you have paid in full and change to a new date the entire order will be credited to the new date

i)  If you dont come to an agreed date with SHE RUNS WILD or dont advise SHE RUNS WILD of the new date it will be considered as a cancellation of contract and cancellation fees apply


a) On the very unlikely event that I am unable to do your wedding flowers due to sickness or injury I would firstly give you the option to receive a FULL REFUND. We have good relationships with other florists and would be sure to find a suitable replacement. We also have a team of girls that could take over depending on the size and complexity of the wedding.

b) Gabrielle and her team of Florists and all double vaccinated. 

13. BOND


A credit card bond may be required on hire items. The bride will be charged if items are returned broken or late. Additional fees will apply.



Your wedding date, contact details (address, phone, email), & credit card details will be treated with complete privacy. We will not speak with any representative or release any information unless you give us consent to do so. We would love to be able to showcase your wedding on our website and social media and would be grateful of any photos of your flowers after the wedding. We will get your consent in the form of an email to ensure you are happy with this.



She Runs Wild has a minimum spend of $1500 for weddings



Flower prices have changed considerably since 2019 (Covid Pandemic) (mostly imported flowers) We can try and replace the item if it is expensive and discuss options with the bride should a particular item increase considerably. If your wedding falls on Valentines Day week or Mothers Day week there will be a surcharge for flowers. We will need to adjust the quote once we have the price increases for that week. In some instances on these weeks the prices can almost double. You may only be notified of the price adjustments a week leading up to your wedding once we know the price increases.


It is up to the bride to take all floral pieces from the Venue and keep or dispose accordlingly after the wedding. In most instances the venue will do this for you but some venues will make you pay a dispose fee. She runs wild will not come back to the venue to collect unwanted florals unless a call back fee has been paid. Depending on the structure of large hanging installations SHE RUNS WILD may need to come back to the venue.


When you accept the terms and conditions you are accepting them on the "current invoice" 

If a relative or your fiance has paid the deposit and the financial transaction is under their name you are accepting the full terms and conditions on their behalf.

If there are any areas of terms and conditions that you need to clarify please

E before accepting them.


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