Gorgeous Brides!

Just a very quick note to update you about the world running a "little wild” at the moment and what impact it may have on future weddings and in particular on flowers.


We do our absolute best to support as many local growers in SA and around Australia but there are some roses that I am so in love with that do come from overseas. I would say about 60% of items we use are sourced locally and nationally. The remainder are imported items. Alot of dried and preserved items may be unavailable very soon. (Alot of these come from China & Italy)

Current advice from health and government authorities is that imported flowers are safe. 


International Shipments may be irregular as airlines reduce their schedules so some roses may not be available. 


What I need from you is your “trust”. Trust that we will still be “running wild” and will create something incredible even if we are unable to get a particular item. The shade may vary slightly during this “wild journey”. You just need to be more flexible that's all I ask.


Over coming weeks we have made the decision to increase our ordering significantly with our local and national suppliers and cutting back slightly on imports. We are also ordering alot later incase events get cancelled at the last minute.


Event cancellations may be likely and if you feel your event will be cancelled or postponed you need to please get in touch with us IMMEDIATELY.


Whilst deposits are not refundable we can certainly postpone as long as flowers haven't been ordered. (we need 2 weeks notice or MORE). If your wedding has been paid in full there will be no refunds or part refunds we will transfer the amount to the new postponed wedding date.



We have been working very hard to accomodate all of our brides that had to postpone their wedding to a new date.


We are offering all brides 1 complimentary date change to bookings.

There are NO refunds on deposits. If you have PAID in full then this will be credit to the new date.